Nepean SdA Church

January 2024

Sabbath School Nugget

Do you need a reminder in your daily busy schedule to study the Sabbath School lesson? 

Here is a simple tool for you. In a short video (usually less than 5 minutes), this quarter Pastor Bob and Cintia share some thoughts and comments on the main theme of the Sabbath School lesson study for the day. The Sabbath School Nugget videos are posted from Sunday to Friday on several platforms: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Vimeo, the church website. To Receive the nugget in your inbox, please click here.


Adventurers and Pathfinder Clubs

Meeting dates: January 13 & 27 - 2:30PM

Weekly Prayer Time

Please join us. Here is the link Hour of Prayer Power

Weekly Bible Study

Zoom link: Encounter Bible Study


Save the date - Movie Night - Feb. 10th, 6PM

Minimum donation $10, plus refreshments on sale - cash & e-transfers.

Proceeds will go towards helping the pathfinders defray costs of attending the next International Pathfinder Camporee in Gillette Wyoming USA.

About this movie

Two young men go on a dinosaur dig and discover something mysterious about a dinosaur bone they are excavating. As they investigate and peel back the layers of scientific, natural, literary, and historical evidence, they discover secrets that they never expected to find! But what should they do when the secrets point to an undeniable Biblical truth about dinosaurs? Click here to watch the trailer


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